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Best AI Websites You Should Try Today

In this article, we will explore the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through a curated list of the best AI websites for 2024. These websites, with their innovative applications of AI, are reshaping our daily tasks, enhancing our experiences, and boosting productivity. Whether you’re already familiar with AI or just starting to explore its potential, this guide will provide valuable insights into where to start. So, let’s dive in and discover the game-changing solutions these AI websites offer.

1. ChatGPT – AI Conversation Platform

Chat GPT

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is an AI chatbot that works online. It understands and responds to human language, making it useful for tasks like research and idea development. It’s always improving and has features like writing code, analyzing data, and creating images. Here’s a simple explanation of ChatGPT’s features:

Advanced Conversational AI: ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses smart AI models to understand and respond to human language. It learned from a lot of internet texts, including articles, books, and Wikipedia.

Versatile Virtual Assistant: ChatGPT is like a helpful assistant that can do many tasks. It can chat like a human, understand complex questions, learn new contexts, and support over 90 languages.

API Access: ChatGPT can be connected with different applications and platforms using its API, making it a handy tool for developers.

Latest Versions – GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo: The newest versions of this AI tool are GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo. Users chat by typing messages, and the AI engine creates smart responses.

Customizable Responses: Users can give specific rules and instructions to get the kind of response they want, making it a useful tool for writing.

Continuous Improvement: ChatGPT is always adding new features, like customizable GPTs for specific tasks, writing code, analyzing data, integrating with Microsoft’s Bing, and creating images with DALL-E.

Wide Range of Applications: With the latest version of ChatGPT, users can automate communication with chatbots, create an internal knowledge base, write and debug code, generate or classify images, transcribe audio, and convert text to speech. It’s a versatile tool that’s changing the way we interact with AI.


Free plan: (ChatGPT 3.5)

Paid plan: ChatGPT Plus (ChatGPT4) 20$ / month

2. Midjourney – AI Image Generation Website

Midjourney AI

MidJourney is a popular AI website that lets you create realistic images from text. It’s a great tool if you’re interested in AI art generation.

How MidJourney Works: MidJourney AI creates AI art from text prompts. It’s still in beta, but you can test it for free by joining the MidJourney Discord server. To use it, you simply type “/imagine” followed by a description of what you want to create.

Key Features: 

Using MidJourney is easy and fun. With just a simple text prompt, you can generate a series of highly detailed, realistic images. For example, we were able to create a series of photos of a mouse having a great time with cheese. It offers fast and high-quality image generation. You can create AI images for various styles and uses, convert text-to-image and image-to-image, generate multiple images at a time, and adjust and edit the generated AI images with flexible customization options.

MidJourney is one of the best AI websites for generating stunning digital art and images from text. There are many alternatives available, but if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile AI image generator that delivers high-quality results, MidJourney is definitely worth considering.


While MidJourney doesn’t offer a free trial, it does have a reasonably priced plan at $10 per month. Considering the level of detail, realism, and creativity, many users find it well worth the cost.

Paid plan: From 10$ / month

3. Voicify AI – Generate AI covers

Voicify Ai

Voicify AI is an online platform that lets you create high-quality AI voice clones, known as “models.” These models can mimic the voices of celebrities, fictional characters, or even your own voice.

How Voicify AI Works: Voicify AI uses advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze a person’s voice and create a digital representation of their vocal characteristics. Users can simply type in text, and Voicify AI converts it into natural-sounding speech audio, which can be downloaded as MP3 files.

Key Features: 

Voicify offers a huge selection of voice models, voice cloning, text-to-speech conversion, MP3 downloads, community models, cartoon voices, and voice mixing. It features a vast library of AI voices across various categories like music, cartoons, anime, gaming, public figures, and more. It even includes voices for different languages like German, Korean, French, and Italian. If you can’t find what you want in Voicify’s library, you can create your own. You can input your own custom dataset, and Voicify generates an AI voice model in one to six hours.

Voicify AI has many creative use cases in entertainment, business, personal projects, and accessibility. It can be used to create parody songs, animated videos, audio memes, explainer videos, voiceovers, audiobooks, personalized greetings, and more. It can be used by musicians who need vocal tracks for song covers or original compositions or content creators who need voiceovers for videos or podcasts.

It also has an API for integrating its text-to-speech feature into other apps. It also supports plugins for platforms like Discord and Twitch.


Voicify AI starts at $7.99 per month. While you can’t use their AI voice models commercially, you can train your voice model in a matter of hours and use it for commercial purposes, making it a fun and useful tool.

4. Synthesia – AI Video Generator Website

Synthesia AI

Synthesia is an AI-powered platform that can convert text into high-quality videos in minutes. It’s especially useful for creating explainer videos, training videos, and product demos.

How Synthesia Works: Using Synthesia is simple. You just choose a template, AI presenter, input your text, and let the platform do the rest.

Key Features: 

Synthesia is an AI-powered platform with a variety of features. It offers quick text-to-video conversion, a library of templates, built-in video editing tools, and a selection of AI presenters and voiceovers. You can create videos in over 120 languages, choose from more than 140 stock AI avatars, and even create custom avatars. It also provides an AI script assistant, a screen recorder, auto-generated closed captions, MP4 downloads, and video embeds.

On the plus side, Synthesia provides high-quality AI avatars and supports multiple languages. The user interface is simple and focuses on its core features. Once you add the script, Synthesia starts working to make the avatar move the lips and body convincingly. You can also quickly translate the entire text into another language. Live customer support is available to all users, and customers find this tool easy to use and set up.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The avatars are not entirely believable when seen on large screens. Also, users on the personal plan are limited to 10 minutes of video per month and one seat. They also cannot access branded templates or AI avatars. Despite these limitations, Synthesia is a powerful tool for creating high-quality, AI-generated videos.

Synthesia offers two plans:

  1. Personal Plan: Costs $22.50/month (annual billing) or $30/month (monthly billing). It includes one seat and 10 minutes of video per month.
  2. Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing based on the number of seats. Contact Synthesia for a quote.

You can also create a basic demo video for free. For larger enterprises, a free personalized demo is available.

5. – AI Presentation Maker

Beautiful AI is an AI-powered presentation software designed for businesses and professionals. It uses an AI design bot called DesignBot to create modern and professional-looking slides quickly and easily.

How Works: You can give DesignBot a text prompt describing the type of presentation you need. It then automatically generates a slide deck using’s smart templates filled with information, graphs, designs, and graphics. The AI technology also allows you to create unique slides using tools like the text-to-image tool and the AI content tool.

Key Features: offers several features, including AI DesignBot, smart templates, company branding & team collaboration, teams & sharing, and customization options. It allows you to create public or private presentations and provides templates that use AI to adapt to the content you add.

The AI DesignBot can create a presentation based on a vague sentence in approximately sixty seconds, making it a great tool for creating a quick rough draft that you can tweak later. However, the quality of the presentation may vary depending on the specificity of the user’s command.

The platform is highly intuitive, making it a joy to use. However, it does have a few drawbacks. It takes time getting used to the platform, and there’s no offline app available. Despite these cons, provides a clean, uncluttered, and inviting interface with an intuitive workflow, making it a valuable tool for creating public or private presentations.

Pricing: is free and available to use online, and it allows exporting to PDF or PowerPoint formats.

Paid plans start from $12 per month.


The list of Best AI Websites Keeps changing as every day new AI platforms are evolving to be the best. While each platform has its unique strengths and areas for improvement, they all represent significant improvements in AI development. As AI continues to advance, we can expect these platforms to become even more versatile and user-friendly.