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Best AI Voice Generators to Try in 2024

Dive into the world of AI voice generators with us! With new tools launching daily, choosing the right one can be challenging. We’ve simplified this task with top choices like MurfAI, LovoAI, and Altered. These AI tools, powered by deep learning, can mimic human voices, making personal voice recordings a thing of the past. They offer a variety of voices and languages and even voice cloning technology. So, whether you’re a creator or an AI enthusiast, stay tuned as we delve into the world of AI voice generation.

1. Murf AI is a powerful AI voice generator designed for creators. The software supports 20 languages, some with multiple accents, and allows you to adjust the pitch, tone, and speed of the generated voice for more natural sound.



  • Converting text into speech.
  • Modifying your own voice recording.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to modify the pitch and speed of the AI-generated speech
  • The AI voices sound natural, not robotic
  • A wide variety of AI voices from around the world
  • Positive user feedback on its ease of use and voice variety


  • Some interface elements could be improved.
  • High-quality voices are only available in English.
  • Full access to the platform can be costly.


  • Free plan: Offers 10 minutes of AI voice generation.
  • Basic plan: Costs $19/month for 24 hours of AI voice generation per year (supports 10 languages).
  • Pro plan: Costs $26/month for 48 hours of AI voice generation per year (supports 20 languages).
  • Enterprise plan: Costs $59/month for unlimited AI voice generation (supports 20 languages).

The free plan lets you try all 120+ voices and share your track via a link. For full access, you need a paid plan, which offers additional benefits like access to 8,000+ licensed soundtracks and the ability to experiment with different languages. The Enterprise plan even includes a native AI translator as a paid add-on.

Murf.AI is a versatile tool that can be used for various applications, such as creating chatbots, virtual assistants, audiobooks, podcasts, and videos. The audio quality is excellent, and the voices are so realistic that they’re almost indistinguishable from human speech. Overall, Murf.AI offers a cost-effective solution with a wide range of features.

2. Lovo AI is a top-notch AI voice generator and text-to-speech platform known for its simplicity and the ability to produce voices that sound just like humans. It offers a wide variety of voices, making it a go-to choice for content creators.



  • Genny is an advanced AI voice generator that combines text-to-speech functionality with video editing features.
  • Access to over 500 AI voices, available in more than 20 emotions and 150 languages.
  • A range of options, including a pronunciation editor and controls for emphasis, speed, and pitch.
  • Capabilities that allow you to edit videos simultaneously while generating voiceovers.
  • Non-verbal interjections, sound effects, royalty-free music, stock photos, and videos.
  • With 150+ languages available, content can be localized with the click of a button.


  • The tool can produce personalized voices within fifteen minutes. Converting text to speech only requires three easy steps
  • Users can employ its API to generate voices that sound incredibly realistic and can be adjusted to convey human emotions accurately
  • If you have an audio file, this tool lets you clone your voice and replace the voice in the recording, making it sound like you’re the one speaking
  • Pro users also get a priority queue for faster audio generation


  • While there is a free plan, some of the more advanced features are only available in the paid plans
  • With so many features and customization options, it might take some time for new users to understand and utilize all the functionalities


  • Free Plan: LovoAI offers a free plan for new users.
  • Paid plans: Offer even more, including a collection of hyper-realistic voices that sound like recorded by a voice artist in a studio. The starting price is $19/month.

In summary, is a versatile and user-friendly platform for anyone looking to generate realistic, human-like voices. Whether you’re a content creator, an educator, or a business owner, has something to offer you.

3. Altered AI

Altered Studio offers a suite of Voice AI tools that enhance dubbing workflows. These include transcription, voice-over, text-to-speech, and translation. A key feature is its advanced speech synthesis technology. This tech lets you change your voice into a custom voice profile. Plus, you can transcribe, add voice-overs with text-to-speech, and translate audio files.



  • Create a specific voice, like a famous actor or a loved one.
  • Use lifelike text-to-speech to add voice-over to your content in 70+ languages.
  • Transcribe personal audio notes or long meeting conversations quickly and accurately.
  • Record directly from the browser through the microphone or any other recording device.
  • Import and export your files in many different formats, both lossless and raw.

Workflow Altered Studio integrates leading voice AI into a streamlined workflow:

  • Record your raw voice audio or upload existing files
  • Enhance with studio-quality processing like noise removal
  • Morph into different voices or accents
  • Clone your voice or use Text-to-Speech
  • Edit multi-track projects with effects and mixing
  • Transcribe speech to text automatically
  • Translate into other languages
  • Export your final audio

The editor allows you to tweak voice AI results to achieve desired sound. You get the versatility of AI with Spectrogram and spectrum visualization one click away for detailed frequency analysis. Even if you want to completely change the voice, you’ll have plenty of options on Altered. Depending on your chosen plan, you can get six to 20 professional voices and 800+ general voices.


  • Contains a massive 800+ general voices
  • Lets you create your own custom voice
  • Best-in-class voice editing features
  • Advanced batch processing is available


  • Many of the features, such as voice editing, require some skill


  • Starting Price: $49/month
  • Free Version: They offer a 7-day trial for users to explore the platform and its features.

In summary, Altered Studio is a versatile and user-friendly platform for anyone looking to generate realistic, human-like voices. Whether you’re a content creator, an educator, or a business owner, Altered Studio has something to offer you. However, to make the most of this platform, you’ll need a good knowledge of voice editing.

4. Listnr AI

Listnr is a versatile AI voice generator that can convert text to speech for various applications, including videos, eLearning, audio articles, podcasts, and voice assistants. It boasts a vast selection of 900 voices in over 140 languages, making it a diverse tool for different users. 



  • Offers a vast selection of 900 voices in over 140 languages.
  • Allows you to paste text or insert a blog post link for automatic text detection and narration generation.
  • Provides options to edit pitch, add pauses, change pronunciations, or add inflection points.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the audio, you can export it in WAV or MP3 format.
  • Allows up to 20 downloads/exports for free. Once you upgrade to a paid plan, you get unlimited downloads.
  • An exciting feature that’s coming soon is the ability to clone your own voice within the tool.


  • Large collection of voices and languages
  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Ability to clone your own voice within the tool (feature coming soon)
  • Download option on its free plan
  • Provides cloud storage for every user, even on the free plan
  • Unlimited audio embeds starting from the first paid plan


  • The editor can feel a bit clunky
  • Lacks real user stories and social proof
  • Some voices and accents sound robotic
  • Can sometimes slow down


  • Free Plan: Free plan allows up to 1000 words. Provides cloud storage for every user, even on the free plan. Storage starts at 1GB on the free plan and goes up to 250GB on the Agency plan.
  • Paid plans: Range from the Individual plan at $19/month for 20,000 words/month to the Agency plan at $199/month for 500,000 words/month. Starting from the first paid plan, you get unlimited audio embeds on each plan, allowing you to create complex pieces without worrying about exceeding any monthly limits.

In conclusion, Listnr is a robust and versatile AI voice generator with a vast selection of voices and languages. Despite some minor drawbacks, its extensive features and user-friendly interface make it a worthy choice for converting text to speech. However, the tool can sometimes slow down, which is something to keep in mind.

5. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is another AI voice generator that stands out with its new Dubbing feature. This feature allows you to translate your content into 29 different languages swiftly. The impressive part is that you can use this tool even if you don’t understand the language of the original content.



  • Translation into 29 different languages.
  • Automatic language detection.
  • Access to shared voice library from the free plan.
  • Custom Voice Designer tool to create your own voices.
  • Voice cloning tool available on all paid plans.


  • Instant access to voice cloning
  • Allows creation of up to 600 custom voices
  • Lifelike audio, versatile applications, rich language, and voice library
  • Intuitive interface, competitive pricing


  • Users can be easy to get distracted by its vast number of features, settings, voices
  • Less efficient at handling long-format content


  • Free: $0/forever
  • Starter: $1/mo
  • Creator: $11/mo
  • Independent Publisher: $99/mo
  • Growing Business: $330/mo
  • Enterprise: Customized plans

In conclusion, ElevenLabs, with its voice artificial intelligence feature, is incredibly user-friendly. Its Voice Library and VoiceLab offer hundreds of voices and the ability to synthesize a new voice or replicate your own. The outcomes are quite spectacular, and there are several alternatives available to adjust the output. Despite a few drawbacks, ElevenLabs is a robust and versatile AI voice generator worth considering.


Remember, the best AI voice generator is the one that fits your specific requirements and preferences. With a variety of features, languages, and voices, tools are many, but needs are specific, so choose a tool of your choice. Happy exploring!