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Jenni AI

Pricing: Paid

Jenni AI offers two types of plans.

Free Plan: 200 AI words per day, unlimited PDF uploads, autocomplete feature, journal and web citations, and AI editing commands. You can start using it for free.

Unlimited Plan: Costs $20 per month, offering unlimited AI words, autocomplete feature, unlimited PDF uploads, journal and web citations, AI editing commands, priority support, and access to the latest features.

Jenni AI is a handy desktop tool designed to help writers. It has features like autocomplete, plagiarism check, citations, and paraphrasing. It’s great for writing different types of content like blogs, essays, emails, stories, and speeches.

It gives real-time suggestions and learns from your writing to help you better over time. It can rewrite text, use information from your files, summarize research papers, create outlines, and even change writing styles and tones. It also helps you manage your research and citations easily.

No matter what you’re writing, from essays to speeches, Jenni AI is a reliable AI tool that can make your writing process smoother and improve your final work.