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Pricing: Freemium

D-ID Creative Reality Studio has a 14-day free trial and various plans starting from $5.99/month up to custom pricing for businesses.

  • Trial Plan: It’s free but has limited features.
  • Lite Plan: Costs $8/month and is for personal use.
  • Pro Plan: Costs $34.3/month and includes a business use license.
  • Advanced Plan: Costs $209/month and has all features.
  • Enterprise Plan: The price is custom based on your needs.

D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio is an AI-powered tool that creates videos with digital characters. It uses deep learning to animate faces, generate text, and convert text to images. This makes it a great platform for creating amazing and innovative videos.


  • Scripting: Write a script, and the AI generates the speech for your presenter.
  • Customization: You can customize the language, accent, and voice tone to suit your audience.
  • Animation: Animate still images and add text or voiceovers to videos.

Additional Tools:

  • Chat D-ID: Enhances chatbots with a human touch.
  • Live Portrait: This allows you to animate still images and add text or voiceovers to videos.


  • Canva: The studio can be integrated with Canva for better content creation.
  • API: Has a developer-friendly API for integrating D-ID’s capabilities into other applications.

Overall, it’s a versatile tool that can be used by businesses for training videos, digital marketers for ad campaigns, content creators for social media posts, and e-learning professionals for educational materials.