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Noise GPT


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NoiseGPT is an AI platform that offers advanced tools for text-to-speech conversion, human-like chatbots, and voice cloning. It operates without censorship or hidden biases, integrates with various platforms, and rewards users through a unique token system.

Here are some of its cool features:

  1. Text-to-Speech: Converts text into voice-overs that sound like human speech.
  2. Dialogue Bots: Bots that can chat like humans, improving virtual communication.
  3. Voice Cloning: Can copy any voice from just 60 seconds of audio.

These features can be used in various fields like entertainment, documentaries, podcasts, and advertising. NoiseGPT can be accessed through web app, Telegram, Twitter, Discord bots, and mobile devices. 

Additionally, APIs are being developed to allow seamless integration into other applications. The platform uses the noiseGPT token to stimulate growth and reward users, making it user-friendly and easy to integrate across various applications.