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Pricing: Free


Fooocus is a user-friendly interface for Stable Diffusion (SD) models. It simplifies image generation by requiring only a single prompt. It’s optimized for SDXL models and works best with a 12GB VRAM GPU, though 8GB can also work. To use it, download the installer, extract it, and run the “run.bat” file.

Fooocus has several features that make it easy to use:

  • The V2 style system allows for more varied outputs from simple inputs.
  • It maintains the base model’s parameters when swapping to the refiner.
  • It adjusts positive and negative signals for high-resolution outputs.
  • It uses Self-Attention Guidance to prevent smoothing in image outputs.
  • It automatically uses the LoRA model at a strength of .1 for better results.
  • It has optimized sampler parameters.
  • It sets a hard resolution based on optimal aspect ratios for image synthesis.

These features make Fooocus easy to use, even for those with little coding knowledge.