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Pricing: Freemium

ChatOn Pricing Starting at $6.99

ChatOn is an easy-to-use app for iOS users that helps simplify daily tasks. It’s innovative and offers many templates and options for customization. This allows users to create a personalized chatbot experience that fits their needs. Whether you’re preparing for a presentation, writing a speech, or crafting social media posts, ChatOn is here to assist. Below are its key features:

  1. AI Writing Assistant: Helps with various writing projects, from emails to poems.
  2. Text-to-Image Feature: Converts your ideas into images.
  3. PDF Master: Summarizes, rewrites, translates PDFs, and answers questions about the content.
  4. YouTube Pro: Understands and summarizes YouTube video content.
  5. Grammar and Spelling Checker: Corrects grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
  6. Professional Rewriter: Rewrites text to make it more engaging and professional.
  7. Social Media Posts Creator: Generates posts for various social media platforms.
  8. Image-to-Text Converter (OCR): Recognizes text from images.
  9. Text Summarizer: Summarizes text using advanced algorithms.
  10. Text-to-Speech Option: Allows you to listen to the bot’s messages.
  11. Voice-to-Text Function: Converts spoken words into text.
  12. AI Keyboard: Enhances your writing on the go.
  13. Math Guru: Helps you understand math problems.
  14. Expert Coder: Writes and checks programming code.
  15. Resume and Cover Letter Builder: Helps create professional resumes and cover letters.
  16. Email Generator: Creates professional emails quickly.

Download the ChatOn app to experience it. It’s available for download now.