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ComfyUI is a user-friendly interface for Stable Diffusion, a process used in image generation. It uses a node-based system, allowing users to design complex workflows visually. It’s compatible with various versions of Stable Diffusion and different upscaling models.

One of its key features is its efficiency – it only re-runs parts of the workflow that have changed. Common nodes in ComfyUI include loading a model, entering a prompt, and specifying a sampler. The tool is lightweight, flexible, and transparent, making it ideal for use.

However, the interface can be inconsistent and may provide more detail than some users need. To use ComfyUI, you’ll need to install it. It’s available on GitHub and is designed for advanced users who want control over the diffusion process without coding.

This summary provides an overview of ComfyUI, but there’s more to explore, including text-to-image and image-to-image workflows, inpainting, using LoRAs, and managing custom nodes.