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  • As of now, Shap-E is free to use. This is a GitHub repository is shared for everyone to use. However, you might need some coding knowledge to use these tools.

Shap-E is a tool by OpenAI that makes 3D models from text or images. It’s useful for people like designers and architects who need complex 3D models. The 3D models it makes are high-quality and can be used in many industries. You can use Shap-E for free on GitHub without needing an OpenAI API key or internet. The 3D models it makes can be opened in programs like Microsoft Paint 3D or turned into files for 3D printing. Shap-E is changing how we make 3D objects from text or images and what we can do with AI.

Shap-E was released in May 2023. You can learn more about it in its research paper or check out its code on GitHub.