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Scribble Diffusion

Pricing: Free

Scribble Diffusion is an AI tool that turns simple sketches into detailed images. It’s powered by Replicate, Vercel, Upload, and GitHub. It uses ControlNet, an open-source AI model, to generate images from text and sketches. It’s for anyone, from artists to hobbyists, who wants to bring their creative ideas to life.

Here are its features:

  • It turns sketches into detailed images using AI.
  • It accepts text descriptions and hand-drawn sketches.
  • It uses cloud computing for efficient image processing.
  • It’s built on ControlNet, which allows for community contributions and improvements.
  • It’s accessible via a web browser without needing to download anything.
  • It offers options to refine images to match user preferences.
  • It helps in quickly visualizing concepts for projects or presentations.

Moreover, it’s easy to use and includes a video tutorial to help users get started quickly.