Hi, we are the AIBRO team
We are creating this cute yet powerful AI-based chatbot that may communicate in messengers on your behalf.
Why are we doing that?
    The thing is that social networks — and messengers together with them — are taking control of our lives too quickly. Do you feel that? Several years ago you registered in a new messenger to communicate easily and to probably save some time, and today you check your phone every half an hour.
    check their smartphones no later than 15 minutes after waking up
    regularly check their incoming messages while being on a vacation
    would rather give up their toothbrush than their phone for a week
    Some messages are important. Others are not.

    What if you could take this control back into your hands and open the messengers only when you want it, but not when each new message appears? What if you could just skip all the spam, repeated questions, and aggressive messages from the people you don't even know?

    You could be more focused while working. You could have more connection with your family during weekends. You could relax better without worrying to miss something important.

    Messengers are not bad. We like messengers. But...
    We think it would be great to have a little more freedom — and to have a possibility to delegate all the communication where your personal presence is not necessary right away. This is the main reason
    The second reason is that we love technologies and want to drive progress forward. An AI-based robot speaking for you is just wow!
    And, all in all, having a digital alternate is fun!
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    For whom are we doing this?
      Right now, we are inviting technology enthusiasts and all the people who love using new technologies at the forefront to try AIBRO. It will be fun, we're sure.

      In the future, AIBRO may become as widespread as phone autoresponders used to be not so long ago. But it will be much smarter, of course — and more useful. Because AIBRO doesn't just reply with a standard script, it fully imitates a live conversation with you, using all your favorite words and expressions.

      Do you want to know how exactly does it do that? Navigate here to find the answers.
      Who's "we"?
        Kyrylo Lyzanets
        CEO & Founder

        M. Sc. in Management

        Wants to create a life-changing product — and is moving towards that dream, fast. Believes that artificial intelligence may solve many global problems if used properly.

        Enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons (his favorite character is a drow rogue), cue sports, and playing the piano.

        "Technologies now seem to have weakened our connections with our families and loved ones. I believe that they are also able to reverse the process and make us happier. By freeing up time and using technology wisely, we are free to pay our attention to the things that really matter"

        Oleksandr Korobov
        Chief Technology Officer

        M. Sc. in Automatic Control and Computer Science

        Loves all that is connected to AI, organizes hackathons, teaches machine learning and AI programming.

        Likes good old jazz, Eastern music, and science (linguistics, biology, chemistry, and history).

        "Artificial intelligence had been my old dream, and that's what I have been doing since 2012"

        Andrii Nykonenko
        Head of Research

        M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics

        Enjoys solving complicated tasks, teaching an AI to "think" and "understand" the given data. Loves it, when a complex system begins working and a puzzle comes together.

        Likes traveling, skiing, snowboarding, rolling and surfing.

        "I want to make the world a better place where technologies make people's lives easier, give them more space for freedom, rest and creativity"

        Oleh Yudin
        Head of AI

        Ph. D. in Hydrodynamics

        His passion is the mathematical modeling of real-life processes. His pride is the creation of a mathematical model of the boundary level on the wing of an aircraft.

        Big fan of surfing

        Anna Savchuk
        Head of Design

        B. J. in Editing and Publishing

        20% out of 25 years designing. Experienced in turning ideas into products, clients, and numbers. Worked with IoT, fintech, AI, e-commerce, and other fields.

        Lived for a while in New York City.

        "Expanding our possibilities by disrupting a daily activity, adding a brand new perspective to it — is what excites me most in product design"

        Oleh Rozvadovskyy
        Head of Marketing


        An open-minded professional with a passion for everything related to new technologies.

        Gets inspiration for new ideas from traveling around the world (50 countries visited so far)

        Alisa Korzh
        Marketing Consultant

        B.A. in Political Science

        Her passion is to transform ideas into successful products, and digital marketing is her way to do that. She has worked at different positions in different companies, from CMO to PMM — until she discovered the two things that make her heart beat faster: community outreach and growth hacking.

        "The main thing is to get genuine pleasure from what you are doing. This is the only way to be great at it"

        Olha Osypchuk
        Legal Advisor

        MS in Law

        Justice and fairness are her main priorities. Her inspiration is companies that bring their values and missions over the years.

        Likes traveling, snowboarding, professional challenges, and her cat Abri.

        "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" ― Lao Tzu


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