Your AI-based chatbot alternate
AIBRO will communicate through Facebook Messenger on your behalf! No subscription fees, no ads, and no in-app purchases.
What is AIBRO intended for?
If you have hundreds, or even thousands of contacts, most of the conversations are just time consumers:

Somebody will ask you for advice
    — the same as a 100 other people did before.
      Somebody will ask "How do you do"
      — while you can hardly remember who this person is.
      Somebody will send you yet another invitation
        — a spammy one to a group or event.
            Somebody will just dump their bad mood on you
            — and spoil yours.
              What if you could not reply to all unnecessary inquiries yet stay polite? What if you could delegate a part of the communication to somebody or something smart enough?
              when you can't or don't want to
              answering typical questions and inquiries
              Speak on your behalf
              Save your time
              Keep you out from negative emotions
              Help you stay in touch with friends
              while being on a digital detox or vacation
              And here's where AIBRO comes in.
              It will gladly:
              And, all in all, having a digital alternate is fun!
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              What are the AIBRO features?
                Here are the main things your AIBRO will be able to do from the very first day, right after the set up:
                Facebook helper
                It's the first messenger AIBRO will support — other options will be launched later on (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, and others)
                Communication manager
                You can choose the contacts with whom you want to communicate on your own, and set a schedule of the bot's activity
                Leave your messenger communications to AIBRO and go on vacation
                Negativity defender
                AIBRO will recognize messages with negative content and manage them, protecting you from stress
                Customize your AIBRO, teach it, and watch it become smarter and fancier
                When you can use AIBRO?
                  While driving
                  Do you know how many accidents have happened because of texting on Messenger while driving a car?

                  Texting while driving is by far the most dangerous activity of all cell phone related tasks. Be focused. Texting while driving may cost you a life.
                  Learn more
                  While working
                  Have you ever wondered, what's the "secret" of the most productive people? Is it about their priorities or how they manage time?

                  The key is focus and self-discipline. It's about turning off all distractions you have, be it email, social media messages, notifications, etc.
                  Learn more
                  While doing what you love
                  If you think about how you spend your days, would you like to change something?

                  Maybe you wish to achieve more goals in your life? Spend more time with your friends? Pay more attention to your family and pets?
                  Learn more
                  How to get started?
                  the app on your Apple or Android mobile device
                  through the messenger app. Currently, AIBRO only supports Facebook Messenger, but soon it will work with all the popular one
                    the teaching process. Choose the conversations to teach the bot. Here you can choose different modes — for friends, work, general communication, etc. — and the different appropriate conversations
                      Set up
                      the system — time, conversations to process, trigger words, etc. — and launch the bot
                        All done! Your AIBRO will start its activity right away
                        Will AIBRO be natural and indistinguishable from the very first days?
                        Like any newborn, AIBRO will need some time to learn from your dialogues — and also receive updates from its creators. So, the very first version may not be too smart, but it will improve! And we'd appreciate it if you shared your feedback with us to help the process along.
                        How exactly does AIBRO learn?
                        First, you choose the conversations for AIBRO to learn from. This will create an informational base for it. Then, the information will be filtered: all the personal data like addresses, passwords, etc. is excluded, so that nobody could use AIBRO to violate your privacy.

                        The filtered information is added to the bot's database, which is constantly updating. The bot will use this information to chat with your contacts, choosing the most appropriate answers based on its AI.
                        Is it possible to stop AIBRO when I don't need it?
                        Sure. You can stop it manually or set a schedule — for example, when you sleep, rest, or leave on vacation.

                        Additionally, AIBRO will turn off automatically in a conversation in cases, such as:
                        • the bot doesn't understand its conversation partner (e.g., they use an unknown language or start talking about a topic the bot is not familiar with),
                        • the person doesn't understand or doesn't like the bot's replies (asks the same thing several times, asks directly whether you are using a bot, etc).
                        What about my data privacy?
                        AIBRO will collect data from the chosen conversations — only from the ones you select manually. All other data will be inaccessible to the bot. And even then, the info it receives will be used by AIBRO only to learn how to communicate. No other parties (even the creators of the product) will get any of your info.
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